Food Insecurity a Growing Challenge For Students at EMU, UM

With so much going on in a typical day for a college student, it is sometimes easy to forget to do the simple things, like eating regular meals ever day. This is especially true for students that have jobs to work during the day on top of their school, as they have no off time to just go eat food. Often, this results in the student not getting neccessary nutrients that day, and this is detrimental to both their physical and mental aptitude. Aside from lack of time, price of food is also an interference when it comes to students getting the sufficient amount of nutrients per day. Fast food restaurants are easy but have become relatively expensive, unless you are going to an extremely unhealthy establishment (McDonalds). Therefore, a place that combines both efficiency with price and nutrional value is a place that will prosper on a campus like EMU or UM, and that is what "Swoop" is based off of, a food market or pantry on EMU's campus that has experienced great growth in the past few years. 

College students and their food security is an essential relationship to analyze when observing the success of these students. My question is, Does the University of Michigan have enough easy and cheap locations to purchase food around campus? Should they open more fast food restaurants? Or should they open more pantries and food banks? Or, do we have a sufficient amount of food supply right now? Read the article to learn more about the details of this situation.