Food Desert Proposal by Elizabeth and Bella

Mary Dude's picture

I wanted to share the Formal Proposal on Food Deserts in Detroit written by Elizabeth James and Bella Mattera. I believe that this proposal should definitely be presented in Lansing because of its specificity and correlation to a significant problem that Michigan faces. Bella and Elizabeth do a great job outlining a pilot program that the state could implement in Detroit schools that would address the problem of food deserts. I have seen a lot of proposals and provocations on this topic but believe this proposals idea on how to handle it is very unique. They decide to tackle the problem of food deserts by implementing an after school program focused on nutrition and the building of a community garden. This idea couples education and real world impact. Students that enroll in this program are able to benefit from the food that they grow as well as the information they learn about how to be healthy. They took the policies that have been implemented in states like Pennsylvania and the data about food deserts in Detroit to create this proposal. The only concerns I have are regarding the implementation of a garden, because I am weary of how Michigan's weather will permit sustainable food items to grow. With a little tweaking, I think this approach will be extremely convincing to state legislators and will hopefully be passed. Great work Elizabeth and Bella!