Flu Season Turns Deadly, Yet Most Of Michigan Will Not Get The Shot

Just yesterday, a 69-year-old man passed away and became the first Michigan resident to pass away from influenza this year. This is deeply saddening, yet an important reminder of how serious of a disease the flu can be. The flu vaccine is highly effective in preventing the flu, yet not enough Michigan residents have access to the vaccine. MDHHS reports that less than 30% of Michigan adults got a flu shot last season. This is also an issue for children, as the MDHHS also reported than less than 18% of children in the Detroit area between 6 months old and 2 years old received a flu vaccine last year. 

The flu is a serious illness and the vaccine is a simple way to help prevent it. What can the state do to ensure that everyone is able to receive a flu vaccine? How can they encourage more citizens to get them? Do you think either of those actions is of importance, why or why not?