Flint Water Crisis & Increase in Students With Special Education Needs

This article titled "After Flint Water Crisis, Number Of Students With Special Education Needs Spikes" speaks on the Flint water crisis and the lawsuits that followed, specifically, parents who have reason to believe their children's early and prolonged exposure to lead due to the flint water crisis has caused brain damage. The article states that these families will make their case against the Flint Public school system this summer. 

Additionally, research has shown that there has been a large increase in the city's rate of special education students since the crisis began. The article states, "Medical professionals have said there's no way to prove conclusively that lead has caused new disabilities in Flint. But it has been proven that children exposed to lead are at higher risk of neurological damage and developmental delays."

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think the argument of these families is valid? What can be done to help aid the damage that has already been done?