Final proposal draft due Apr 6; other reminders

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Your final proposal draft is due at 11:59pm, next Monday, April 6.

After that time, no more edits will be allowed until after the platform has been finalized.

Reach out to the Topic Coordinators

You should at this stage have completed all sections of your proposal and continue to work on revisions. We strongly encourage you to reach out to the Topic Coordinators (and instructors) for help with your proposals. You may also be hearing from Sophia Barnes and Kelly Christopherson, who have been enlisted to provide research assistance and outside perspectives. Please listen to them well!

Keep an eye out for Hearing announcement

We are in the process of determining the format of the hearing and will be posting an announcement with more details in the near future. Please stay tuned and keep the currently scheduled hearing date and time (April 22, noon-1:30pm) open for virtual participation.