Fighting the Opioid Crisis

The use of opioid perscriptions has taken this country by storm and has left a trail of addiction and death in its wake; in fact, everyday 115 Americans are killed by an Opioid overdose. With 1 in 5 Americans being perscribed opioids, many are concerned about the prevelance and missue of the drug. Michigan recently began to fight the problem by launching an educational website that informs the public about the Opioid Crisis. 

"A new website launched by the state of Michigan is a positive step toward educating Michiganders of the dangers of opioid addiction. The website,, was announced by Lt. Gov. Brian Calley Tuesday."

The use of the website is to help create awareness around the crisis and House Bill 5857. Through the traffic to the wesbite, Michigan legislators are hoping to gain commuity support around the bill. House Bill 5857 "would require addictive opioids and Schedule II drugs to be stored in locking prescription vials"

What are your thoughts on Michigan's actions to fight opioid addiction? Are they doing enough? Is it the job of the government to limit perscription pills?