The FBI now have more access to your data

This article, details the new tools that the FBI are able to employ when persuing a suspect. They are now able to get a warrant that lets them into peoples phones. The warrant allows them to unlock peoples phones for research purposes by using their fingerprins or face ID. This article details how these warrants were used on Michael Cohen, a former fixer for Donald Trump. The other strategies that they used were tracking him by where his phone was picked up on cell towers. The police routinely search for data to place suspects in certain places at certain times. Now, the FBI are able to do that much more quickly and easily by getting warrants to unlock phones and tricking these phones to revealing their location data. They use a device called a "stingray" or IMSI catcher that acts like a cell phone tower and tricks the phone into revealing its locations. The third and final new tool that the FBI are able to enforce is to request data stored in different countries. Data stored abroad was previously unaccesable to the FBI, but with this new legislation, passed by Trump, it is considered fair game. This article made me wonder about the limits of governmental jurisdiction over personal privacy. How far is too far? How little is too little? What does this mean for the future? How are people going to try and get around this in the future? I'm interested to hear all of your thoughts as this seems to border a larger issue.