EMU Cutting 4 Varsity Sports


"Softball, wrestling, men's swimming and diving, and women's tennis are the four varsity sports at Eastern Michigan University that have been scheduled for the chopping block at the end of the 2018 spring season. "

The university has been facing serious budget issues " that are in part attributable to declining student credit hour enrollments and steep declines in state appropriations."This choice of action is affecting 58 male student athletes and 25 female student athletes. "in reaching a decision about what sports to cut, officials considered factors like facilities, program costs, endowments, past and potential success, and comparison of sports sponsored by MAC schools."

Was this the best move? Will the current athletes scholarships disappear? Would these student athletes have chosen EMU if they knew their sports were going to be cut? Obviously not. It's a tough situation, but could there have been a better way to handle it?