Electric Cars

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Detroit is one of the auto capitals in the world and with electric cars emerging the state of Michigan can be extremely affected by the change in transportation. Electric cars are still serving the same primary purpose as gas cars do, but their impact and costs are extremely different. Electric cars are helping to reduce the risk of global warming because they do not pollute the environment as much as gas cars and are also less expensive to operate and maintain. The University of Michigan conducted a study and found out that on average it costs a person $485 to operate an electric car per year, while it costs a person $1,117 to operate a gasoline based car per year. Moreover, if you own an electric car you get to avoid costs relating to maintaining your car like changing the oil, fluids, etc., while with a gasoline based car you incur all of those costs. 

However, with the rise of electric cars, there can be a serious reduction in the amount of jobs in the state of Michigan. As I previously stated, Detroit is an auto capital, where many residents rely on car dealerships and gas stations to provide them with a job. Now, electric cars will eliminate the amount of dealerships and gas stations in the state, lowering the amount of jobs provided in the state. Furthermore, electric cars are going to be expected to make ethical decisions and I am unsure of how it is possible to program a car to do that. Electric cars are not going to be able to have the same instincts that humans have and how can we as a society expect them to decide which option is the right one to go with.

Moreover, I have a few follow up questions that i would like to be answered. I am looking forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts on this topic. 

Given that Ford provides a significant amount of jobs in the state of Michigan, how do you see the transformation of electric cars impacting this figure?

When do you see electric cars becoming the dominant mode of transportation?

What do you think is more important, preserving the environment or lowering the unemployment rate?