Education in Urban Settings...

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Education in Urban Settings My discussion is on roughly the first 5 pages of this article, and I plan on reading the rest later... It's really interesting how much education isn't discussed on a national level, and how other issues are taking much more of a stake. To me, that's extremely concerning, and the only way to really substantially improve society (at least I think) would to provide a better and more accessible education for all children/adults, thus contributing to a better society. I would love to look into some sort of policy that effects poor, urban school setting positively. I realize this is a hefty thing that people have been focusing on for a long time, so I would really have to hone in on one concept if I were to keep thinking about this topic. Perhaps I could advocate or ask for government money to be contributed to Detroit or Ypsilanti in some way? I'm not sure. Another thing that would substantially improve schools would be just the government giving schools enough money that they can pay teachers enough that inner city jobs look attractive. I aspire to live in New York, but on a teacher's salary in some poor urban area would be difficult to live on. I'm willing to make the sacrifice, but just the fact that I have to consider that a "sacrifice" shows how unwanted these jobs are. As I had mentioned somewhere else in some other thread, a lot of this lack-of-money allocation to education, of course, has to do with some people in this world (who tend to look at the world from an economic standpoint) not understanding that if more money is given to schools, we will create a stronger workforce, thus a stronger economy... it's simple economics. I'd love to hear other people's thoughts.