Dorm Conditions at University of Michigan

Obviously, there are better and worse dorms at every college. Dorms get renewed at different time and different years. However, for how much students are paying to live in the dorms, there are some things that are not acceptable regarding dorm conditions. I lived in Markley my freshman year and had to deal with cockroaches all year long. My roommate and I called dorm maintanence (through the University of Michigan) at least once a week. My parents even tried to get involved and call people higher up in dorm management and the school itself to fix this cockroach problem. However, nothing changed. The year after, my little lived in Markley and she said in addition to cockroaches, she had a mouse problem in her room. This is unacceptable for such expensive living and such a prestigeous University. It is completely unsanitary and unhealthy.

What can we do to make the University more responsive to these issues?

Do you believe that students should pay the same amount for a cockroach infested dorm such as Markley as a newly renovated dorm such as South Quad?