Domestic Violence Proposal


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06 April 2017

Domestic Violence Proposal

    The current penalties for domestic violence in Michigan are a 90 day misdemeanor for the first offense, a 1 year misdemeanor for the second offense, and a 2 year felony for the third offense.

We would like to alter the existing law to better help the acts of domestic violence in michigan, we propose to add a few new stipulations to the existing law, such as:

  • All domestic violence calls be mandatory arrest with following investigation

  • All aggressors should be subjected to anger management classes, drug rehab (if necessary), family therapy (if children are present)

  • Mandatory fine up to $1,000 (with additional fine to follow if another call is made against a former criminal of domestic violence)



Howell Police Department:

Q- About how often do you get calls for Domestic Violence?

A- Several times a week.

Q- What are the penalties for Domestic Violence in Michigan?

A- The first offense is a 90 day misdemeanor [Maximum punishment can be 90 days in local jail and a maximum fine of $500]

    The second offense is a 1 year misdemeanor [A maximum punishment is one year in a local jail and a maximum fine of $1,000]

    And the third offense is a 2 year felony [High Court Misdemeanor, two years in prison]

Q- Are children sent straight to CPS if they are in the home where the abuse is taking place?

A- CPS is contacted no matter what if there are children involved, and in certain circumstances, (Ex. if both parent are arrested) the children are taken by CPS.


Domestic Violence Victim:

Q- Was the abuse physical or mental?

A- It started with mental, and then got physical.

Q- How long did it take you to realize and admit that it was an abusive relationship?

A- It took 3 years to realize and admit that it was abusive.

Q-  Why didn't you report it right away?

A- I was scared that there would be consequences toward me if I reported it.

Q- How did you try to stop it?

A- I reached out to LACASA and  got a restraining order.

Q- What was his punishment?

A- He was arrested for violating the restraining order, but not the abuse.

Q- Did going to jail stop him?

A- No. He was in jail for 30 days and then continued to stalk me after he got out, until I moved.



Q- What are some of the after affects of Domestic Violence on the victim?

A- The victim can suffer from mental health disorders such as PTSD, Depression, or Anxiety.

Q- Why is it so hard for people to admit that they are getting abused?

A- A lot of times they are scared of the consequences of leaving the relationship.

Q- Are more men or women abused, or is it about equal?

A- More women usually, but men are still abused. it's just not brought up as much


Problem research

Whereas Domestic Abuse is the primary cause of injury to women in the United States.

Whereas (37%) of injuries among women are caused by domestic abuse.

Whereas One in three women in the United States are physically abused by a partner at some point in their lives.

Whereas Last approximately 1.3 million women are physically abused each year in the United States according to the Center for Disease Control.  

Whereas Police reported that 40-60% of calls they receive are about domestic violence.

Whereas Police are more likely to respond within 5 minutes if the abuser is a stranger rather than someone the victim knows.

Whereas Over 70% of women injured in domestic violence cases are also injured after separation.

Whereas Boys who witness domestic violence are 2 times more likely to be abusive to their future wife and children.



Solution Research

Therefore be it resolved…

  1. We should have speakers at high school assemblies that talk about Domestic Violence to educate them about the topic.

  2. Abusers should serve jail time based on their actions.

  3. Advertisements (Posters, slide show, announcement, television commercial) should be published to the public to educate.


Costs and Funding

speakers educating high schoolers at an assembly $0-$5,000

Advertisements on television $10,000-$1,000,000.



Howell Police Department


Victim of Domestic Violence

The National Institute of Justice




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