DOCS Discussion Week 2 Begins

Jeff Stanzler (MSC Faculty)'s picture

The new DOCS discussions are posted in all four sections, so please jump into the conversations. Remember that this is the week when you'll be thinking about problems and solutions. You'll be looking at how the legislature ultimately framed the school finance problem, but you'll also be discussing different ways of defining the problem which, in turn, could have led to very different kinds of solutions, different from what the legislature ultimately enacted into law.

Indeed, we're asking all of you to also consider whether in fact, based on the evidence you've read and your "take" on it, there was a problem that ultimately needed to be addressed legislatively. As we said at the orientation, the BIG issue of defining problems and thinking about possible solutions is at the crux of the work that you'll be doing this year, so we're looking forward to your ideas and impressions.

Just as a reminder:

  • You’ll notice that some MSC members have “TC” next to their names. This indicates that they are Topic Coordinators, and they have a particular responsibility to facilitate discussion and help increase the quality of the caucus as a whole. They are also happy to answer questions and assist you when you’re stuck.

  • This is looking far ahead, but a link to the template for your final portfolio is available in the “Links” section of this site. We might make a few tweaks to it before it’s due, but you can get an idea of what is required, and start keeping notes -- for example, you might want to do a draft of a write-up for today's town hall, if (when!) you attend.