Do Video Games Affect Your Grades?

Quinn Hughes's picture

Video games have become a staple in many peoples, especially college students, lives but not without controversy. Society has begun placing blame on the entertainment device as the influence for many young adults decision making. From violence to laziness and bad grades, it seems society can contribute all of it to video games.  

A recent study looked at the impact of gaming and how it relates to students grades. As someone who frequents a few games like NHL and fortnite, I can see where some might think these games could take away from other priorities like academics. but what Newsweek reported this study finds is that games, in fact, don’t impact academic performance. I’m curious, however, if people, especially those in college, do see the impact of these games in their overall experience—what is it taking away from, if anything? lots of classes are actually turning learning into a game, so is it really just another  way to learn over distract?