Discussion of individual proposals

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Sample Response:

S and I's proposal on Gay marriage and custody rights. As the only proposal on the topic of gender rights, I think S and I's proposal acknowledges a flaw in the current system of gay marriage and custody rights that is likely to become a pressing issue as the country enacts more laws related to gender equality. I think S and I's solutions are well thought out and provide realistic opportunities for legislation to be made that will diminish any backlash against allowing gay couples to adopt or maintain custody of their children. In particular, the idea that IVF users and homosexual couples cannot currently adopt persuaded me that using the Uniform Parentage Act (which defines parentage based on intended parenthood, rather than solely biological relationships or co-parent adoption) as a guide for state law made good sense.


  • Is each part of the proposal completed in a high-quality way?
  • How well does the proposal demonstrate a solid understanding of the core issue and the “problem behind the problem”?
  • To what extent does the proposal contain high-quality supporting evidence and background information?
  • How relevant is the proposal to the needs of students of different ages and backgrounds in different parts of Michigan?
  • To what extent do the consultations add important information and non-obvious perspectives?
  • To what extent is there credible articulation of counter-arguments and challenges to potential adoption and implementation of the proposed solution?
  • To what extent does the proposed solution contain specificity and detail that shows how it could actually be implemented?
  • To what extent does the proposal demonstrate creativity and passion for the issue?