The F-Factor

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A dietary weight loss plan I am currently researching about for another course is the F-Factor weight control program that allows you to have a joyful, sustainable and healthy lifestyle, not just a lifestyle based on deprivation and hunger, but one that helps you focus on becoming your best ‘you.’ The F-Factor approach is based on a scientific understanding of anatomy and physiology, which does not change with the tides of dieting. The F-Factor approach focuses on combining lean proteins with high-fiber carbohydrates, which are low in calories and keep you feeling full throughout the day. Typical feelings of hunger and deprivation that are usually associated with weight loss are eliminated with the F-Factor Program.Unlike other weight control programs, the F-Factor Diet is a nutritionally sound approach to eating for life that gives you more choices, in addition to aiding the support of ones immune system. You will be able to indulge your sweet tooth and maintain your normal lifestyle. By doing so, you’ll rev-up your metabolism, shed pounds and achieve your target weight, improve your health and enjoy more youthful energy. By eating more fiber, you will lose weight safely, steadily and naturally, thus improving your health and overall well-being in addition to eating the carbs you love, dining out and drinking alcohol, and spending a lot less time working out. I would be curious to hear if people have experimented with this program and or have found success with it? In addition, do you believe that dieting should consist of a straight plan, or follow similar lines of this plan, where everything is consumed in moderation?