Did Cardi B Ruin Female Rights?

Article: https://www.vox.com/culture/2019/3/27/18284220/cardi-b-drug-rob-controversy-scandal

Over this past weekend, an Instagram video surfaced of Cardi B admitting to drugging and robbing men during her days working as a stripper. Despite never sexually assaulting these men, her actions have been compared to the recently disgraced R. Kelly and Bill Cosby who admitted to drugging and raping women and/or young girls. Public opinion seems to be split on whether or not Cardi B should be punished for her actions. One side of public opinion supports her actions and states that she engaged in these actions as a crime of survival. Others note that failure to punish Cardi B would insinuate a female "privilege" in terms of sexual assault offenders. Do you think that Cardi B is hurting gendered rights? Is she causing people to believe that women are unlikely to be charged as rapists solely due to their gender? Which side of this argument are you on?