Detroit Q-Line: Public Transportation Bust?

Noah Bloom TC's picture

Around a year and a half ago, Detroit's new streetcar, the Q-Line, entered the city core. The line runs just over two miles, and really only serves the immediate part of downtown that has been gentrified with new sports venues and resturants.  

One concerning fact is that in a city of more than 650,000, only 30 people had purchased annual passes a year into its start. Streetcars have seen success in other cities, but Detroit has yet to see that immediate impact.

What are your opinions on the Q-Line today? Is it all flash with no substance, or are we just seeing growing pains? How about its impact on tourism? Furthermore, how does this transportation system address or neglect those living in poverty? 

With so many different facets of life in Michigan's largest city being affected by this recent addition, I am looking forward to seeing where this conversation goes.