Detroit Airport Allowing...

Detroit Airport Allowing Non-Travels Through Security Checkpoints

This article discusses how the Detriot Metropolitan Airport (DTW) will soon be letting non-travelers through security checkpoints to drop their friends and family off at the gate or sit down for a meal. This is a program that will go until January 2020 which will allow around 75 people a day. I am an extremely nervous flier and I personally do not think that this is a good idea. Once through security, IDs are not needed. What if someone switches their real plane ticket to a visitor pass with a family or friend. How can this be regulated? Will this be safe? Realistically, travelers spend around 60 minutes to 120 minutes, depending on a domestic or international flight. If they are leaving their loved ones already, they may as well say bye at the door. I feel very strongly that this is a negative idea. I'm curious if you guys think that this is a good idea and what counter-arguments you can see from this?