Details of the MSC Hearing in Lansing (8:30 - 10:30am, April 24)

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Please read carefully the following details about next week’s hearing. As previously noted, you as a group will be presenting the MSC Winter 2018 Platform before the Michigan Special Commission on Civic Engagement next week Wednesday, April 24th, 8:30-10:30am in room Room 5500 of the Binsfeld Senate Office Building, 201 Townsend St., Lansing. Please plan to arrive by 8:15am. Lansing is about an hour and a half from Ann Arbor by car (taking into account parking and getting to the room, as well as rush hour traffic), and if you are a UM student you will need to arrange your own transportation there and back.

This is the culminating event for the MSC semester, and it represents the opportunity for your ideas to have a direct impact on policy-makers. Attendance is MANDATORY for all Caucus members taking MSC as a university course, whether or not you are a topic coordinator, and whether or not you have authored a proposal in the platform.

The hearing will take place roughly as follows:

At 8:30, the chair of the Special Commission on Civic Engagement, Representative Sarah Anthony (District 68, Lansing), will call the meeting to order and introduce the commission members and representatives from the various state agencies. The MSC faculty (Michael and Jeff) will offer the panelists a very brief background on MSC, and will introduce the agenda for the hearings.

The first agenda item will be a brief presentation of the "Instagram" slides. (Authors of these slides will be recognized but do not need to prepare anything for the presentation). The topic coordinators will then briefly summarize the three "special mention" proposals. (Authors of these proposals also do not need to prepare anything for the presentation.)

Following this, the topic coordinators will introduce the author(s) of each resolution that has PASSED into the platform. The authors will then spend NO MORE THAN 3 MINUTES explaining the underlying problem they addressed, and the specifics of their proposed solution. Authors should be concise, including a few carefully chosen, specific facts and statistics, and above all be prepared to thoughtfully answer questions in a highly-informed way. The panelists will have the text of each proposal, so authors do not need to go over every detail. The panel will have 5 minutes to ask questions about each proposal.

Please see these video clips for an idea of what the hearing will be like.

Remember that this is FORMAL TESTIMONY before state legislators and other policy-makers. Your testimony is part of the public record. This is not a demonstration or a show; these are public officials and civic leaders genuinely interested in reaping the benefits of hard work by thoughtful, intelligent, informed people. They are taking time out of their day in a busy part of the year to hear what we have to say. Dress, needless to say, is business attire (coat and tie for men, please!).

Finally, a reminder that final portfolios for EDUC 362 will be due Friday, April 26 at 11:59pm.  A link to a Canvas drop box will be posted following the hearing. Reflections on the hearing are part of the portfolio so you will not be able to complete your portfolio before then, but you may start working on it at any time. The final portfolio template is here (and also in the link list on the MSC site home page.)