Deadline extensions; Proposal final drafts due soon

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Please note  the following calendar changes:

  1. Your Proposal Final Draft is due by the end of the evening, Wednesday, November 14. The formal proposal language and all parts of the proposal document must be complete by that time.

  2. The proposal rating and discussion period will take place starting Nov. 15 and continuing until NOON on Tuesday, Nov. 27.

Please also keep in mind:

You should have a full draft of your proposal done NOW and you should be working on refining it so that it is complete and finished by Nov. 14. Once we get into the rating and platform discussion period, you will not be allowed to edit your proposal, so make sure you work on it now.

The formal proposal should be SPECIFIC about what you are asking the state to do (make or change a law, create a regulation, start a program, implement a policy, etc.), not just “people should do such and such.”

The formal proposal is everything under the FORMAL PROPOSAL headline in your proposal doc, including:

  • Preambulatory clauses
  • Operative (“Resolved”) clauses
  • Counter-arguments
  • Costs and funding
  • References

Again, ALL SECTIONS of your proposal doc must be completed by Nov. 14 (including consultations). Don’t wait until the last minute -- now is the time to get and give feedback.

Here is one example, and another example of good first drafts with complete formal proposals.

Faculty and TCs will be posting office hours this week; if you wish to meet but can't make a scheduled time, please contact the instructors at