Counts as a Town Hall: Food Literacy for All

Feb 19 2019, 6:30pm - 8:00pm EST

This is a public event that can count as a town hall meeting. It will be held in Angell Hall Auditorium B at 6:30pm on Tuesday, February 19th. 

What: "Structured as an evening lecture series, Food Literacy for All features different guest speakers each week to address diverse challenges and opportunities of both domestic and global food systems. The course is designed to prioritize engaged scholarship that connects theory and practice. By bringing national and global leaders, we aim to ignite new conversations and deepen existing commitments to building more equitable, health-promoting, and ecologically sustainable food systems."

Learn more and sign up here (in addition to registering on the caucus site):

Guidelines for participation:

● You are expected to do the reading and come to the event with a question (inspired by the readings).

● Out of respect for the speaker, laptops must be closed and mobile devices put away.

● Since this event is not organized by the MSC, attendance will not be taken. Instead, please write a short email (one or two paragraphs) describing your major take-aways, and send it to within 3 days of the event.

Reading (complete before event):



Jenna Kravitz (TC)
Sophie Beder
Anna Vanneste
Hannah Craig
Billy Chesbrough
Kevin Tyranski
Ryan Cullen
Nick Davis