Coronavirus Quarantine

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Hi guys! As I am sure many of you have heard, the coronavirus is a new disease that has been found in places within China and is wiping out thousands of people, and has even been reported of traveling else where:

As of Sunday, there are more than 2,700 confirmed cases and at least 80 deaths linked to the coronavirus, according to The New York Times. Sunday evening, the CDC announced two more U.S. cases, one in Los Angeles County, California, and another in Maricopa County, Arizona. Early Saturday, the third person in the U.S., this one in Orange County, California, was reported to have tested positive for the new coronavirus; according to the county health department, the person had traveled from Wuhan and was in "good condition," the Times reported. The second person in the United States (a woman in Chicago) was confirmed to have the virus on Jan. 24, and the first case was confirmed in a man in Washington state on Jan. 21. So far, all of of the infected individuals in the U.S. had also recently returned from Wuhan. 

However, I have come across this article that discusses the response to the new and still poorly understood coronavirus that recently emerged in Wuhan, central China. The Chinese government has placed the city and a dozen others in lockdown — in effect quarantining an estimated 56 million people. Many people are upset about this and think that it is not providing people who are in need of the correct medical care, while others are upset and feel as though this quaratine is a breeding grounds for the disease and it going to hurt healthier people in hospitals. Additionally, people and other states have also taken similar precautions, quaratining and also not allowing some to travel. However, given this information and the remaining article I was curious to hear about everyones opinions on how this diease is being hanlded and treated. do quarantines contain a disease or might they actually contribute to spreading it? Are there any other things you can think of to inhibit the spread of the virus that doesn't include quarantines?