Coronavirus-fueled racism on college campuses

Hi everyone! 

Today I came across this article titled, "Some students say colleges not doing enough to combat coronavirus fueled racism" by NBC News. The article speaks on multiple instances where students of asian descent were treated poorly on college campuses due to university employees and peers lack of knowledge and fear of coronavirus. The article includes a quote from Janelle Wong, a professor of Asian American studies at the University of Maryland: "The proliferation of anti-Asian images and comments, in association with fears over coronavirus, show that while colleges and universities are sites of learning, they are also places where misinformation and racism can spread all too quickly." Students at colleges across the U.S. are protesting and signing petitions against this rise of xenophobia and racist actions due to coronavirus. 

As I hear about these happenings and acts of racism and hatred occurring at other universities, I can't help but wonder if anything similar has gone on at the University of Michigan?  And if so, how has the university handled it? How should this be handled in general in any community?