Congestion Pricing

Julia Eisenshtadt's picture

I read this article today about how New York has adopted congestion pricing in Manhattan. This means that a driver would be charged to enter a street or neighborhood that is very overcrowded. These tolls are expected to start in 2021. Other cities across the globe such as London, Singapore, and Stockholm have also adopted this tactic to deal with congestion. The rationale is that the toll will encourage people to walk or use public transport, which is more sustainable and can help clear constant traffic. Is this fair? It seems that politicians are divided about the ethicality of the topic. People pay so much money already for cars, insurance, and other related fees, why should they be charged to drive in areas that may be necessary for their communte? What does everyone else think about this? One thought I had is that perhaps the revenue from the tolls could be used to lower the cost of public transportation. Could this be a fair compromise?