College Funds for K-12 Schools

Governor Rick Snyder is looking into having the State of Michigan's college funds spread over to K-12 education. This would help cover both private and public schools. This is by no means a law in action or even in the process of going to action yet, but he is checking the legality of this within the state law. 

Many people have offered solutions to other K-12 Educational Achievement issues as having some of college tuition funds going to lower schools. In a way this would make sense because in state students are more likely to attend in state universities, and therefore the universities would hope that they would come in at a higher level of education than they would with insufficient funding and resources. 

Regardless of the legality, I am wondering if the caucus believes that this is a fair solution? The funding would technically come from Michigan's 529 Savings plans. Could it be explanded to state college tuitions? Should this money be allocated to younger students and taken away from those aiming at college-level educations? Please share your thoughts.