College Admissions Scandal

Julia Eisenshtadt's picture

All across the news today are stories about the college admissions scandal involving high-profile celebrities and elite business people. Evidence has surfaced of over 30 parents cheating to get their children into prestigious American universities. One specific person that the article mentions is Lori Loughlin, whose daughters, Bella and Olivia Giannulli attend the University of Southern California. Loughlin and her husband are being investigated for allegedly paid multiple bribes adding to over $500,000 to get their daughters accepted to the school. This scandal is bringing the light the evident cheating that takes place in the college admissions process. There are likely very hardworking students from average households that did not get admissions to a school because of cheating like this.

What can be done to combat the inherent bias that the college admissions process has toward wealthy students? Do you think that this story will draw light to the fact that cheating does not only take place with high-profile families, but also ordinary people who deviate from their morals to help their children get into their college of choice?