Changing the Concept of Buses

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So after meeting with Michael and Jeff, I realized that I wasn't headed quite in the right direction for my proposal. I decided to change my Persona and Pov and Solutions (take a look if you would like) to a relate to a different person. After talking for nearly 45 minutes, I think we finally came up with a better direction.

Do you remember the boring bus ride you would take every day to school that you absolutely dreaded? The bus was stinky, there were people who were always trying to mess with you, and it was just very unpleasent. Because of my proposal, I have been thinking of different ways that schools can make bus drives more enjoyable. I found this article that discusses some things that could make bus rides more "fun." Though this article mentions some great ideas, I think there are many more unique things that could be implemented on bus rides. What do you think could make bus rides more enjoyable? Is there a problem here? Do you think there should be new things implemented?