Campus Safety

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Above is an article discussing the two unprovoked attacks on students in Ann Arbor this weekend. The first incident was at Starbucks, where a student was struck in the back of the head with a chair. A few hours later, another student was assaulted in West Park. Both of these students did not know their attacker nor did they do anything to provoke their attacker. Police believe the same suspect is responsible for both crimes. It is both extremely sad and frightening to hear about such attacks on our campus. Regardless of the countless safety protocols our University has in place, students are still at risk. First and foremost, it is important to remember to always walk with a friend wherever you are going, especially after dark. Yes, we may have a campus safer than most, but these unprovoked attacks can happen to anyone. This is a great segue to a greater point about establishing a safer campus community. We must work together to identify any threats and make sure they are dealt with in a safe and timely manner. The risk of attacks can only be addressed through collaboration of all students. For example, if you see a student walking home alone, walk with them even if you do not know them. We are all Michigan Wolverines, we can work together in promoting a safer Ann Arbor. Are there any other tangible steps we can make as students to ensure a safer campus? What are your thoughts on these attacks? Do you feel safe?