Bullying in Michigan

Believe it or not, Michigan is notorious for being the worst state in the country for bullying. Bullying is classified as using pressure or force to get someone to do something for you or make them feel bad about themselves. Since we all have attended high school, we all understand that bullying does exist and does ruin kids’ lives. There are many different types of bullying, and they all are equally harmful. 

Some reasons why I believe the state of Michigan needs to take action now are.... Bullying actually contributes to the high school dropout problem Michigan is already facing. Students are scared to come to school out of fear of seeing their bully. In addition, the entire point of high school is to learn, and it has been statistically proven that bullying negatively impacts a kid’s ability to learn due to the distractions of bullying. Lastly, kids hurt themselves because they are unable to cope with their bullies.

From those reasons, it is clear schools still need to do more to end the bullying crisis. I am now asking you guys what you think is the best way to deal with this problem. Do you think enforcing strict state-wide punishments would be beneficial? Do you think separating students based of off personality and other factors to limit bullying would work? I look forward to hearing all of your responses!