Biker Safety

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I grew up in a small town in New Jersey where I would often bike from place to place. I would always wear a helmet because if I did not then I would be in serious trouble with both my parents and the law. All of my friends wore helmets as well, which was definitely an encouragement of why I did not have any urge to break this rule. It was as if wearing a helmet was the norm of our town and if you did not then something was clearly wrong. I believe that this norm resulted in a large part because of a law that stated that if you were under 17 you were required to wear a helmet. Because people are accustomed to wearing helmets when they were younger, they typically do so for the rest of their lives.

Around campus and throughout the state of Michigan I often see many people biking without a helmet on. This is extremely concerning to me because how dangerous and risky it can be to bike without a helmet. In turn, Michigan is ranked number 9 for most bicyclist deaths per million residents, where New Jersey is ranked 23. I think this difference comes from the difference in laws between New Jersey and Michigan. 

I believe that the state of Michigan should have a stricter policy for the use of helmets. I do not see any negatives or any reason why the state of Michigan would not require their citizens to wear helmets, because it would only help increase safety. i am curious to see what the Caucus thinks. 

What is the policy for helmets in the state you are from? 

What are other ways to increase the safety for bike riders besides creating a law from required helmet use?