Ballot Proposal 3 -- changing voting policies in Michigan

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Among the items on the Michigan ballot this November is Proposal 3, which would change voting policies in a number of different ways. Here's a summary from BallotPedia. Check it out -- the potential changes are big!

Two questions to consider:

1. Thinking specifically about the interests of students in Michigan, what problems would these changes address, and even more importantly, what problems wouldn't they address?

2. This proposal will be voted on directly by the people of Michigan, and if it passes it would change the state constitution. However, many of these ideas (plus some others, including lowering the voting age to 16) have already been proposed in some form in the Michigan legislature, as you can see by this list of bills that have gone to the House Committee on Elections and Ethics. What are the advantages and disadvantages of making these changes by ballot initiative? Is a ballot measure the best way to make these changes?