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This article shares the truth about how disgusting and horrendous some Detroit public schools truly are. One school this article focuses on is Osborn Evergreen Academy, where the circumstances are exceptionally horrible. As described in the article, there are cockroaches, floods, rats, broken toilets, exposure to mold, and a plethora of other issues that have not been fixed for years, and have just continued to get worse. One mom even says that "her children would be better off going to school in a developing country instead of coping with these deplorable conditions," which is truly shocking and really gives a good representation of how bad the problem is. It has become an academic issue as well, because teachers find it incredibly hard to teach under these conditions and students struggle to learn. Considering that teachers have not received a raise in over 10 years, it is very obvious these Detroit schools have extremely small funds to fix any issues that arise, no matter how terrible. Parents, staff members, as well as students are all working together to try and find a way to fix these problems, however, it is incredibly difficult very unlikely. Do you think these schools will be able to come up with funds to fix these problems? What are your thoughts on students being educated in schools like this? What impact will this have on Detroit students ability to learn?