Apple Revenue and Future Apple Recently I was just thinking about how much technology has an impact in todays world and how much we all go on our phones, and so I thought about Apple. It's crazy to think how many people have iPhones, MacBooks, or Apple products. Apple is such a powerful company in the world, and I just had some thoughts about their future. Apple's estimated annual net income is $60 billion, which is obviously a huge number. But revenue for the iPhone actually declined 15% from last year, but total revenue from all other products increased by 19%. I'm surprised that iPhone income decreased, because I feel like everyone in today's world has an iPhone, and it's almost uncommon to see someone with a phone that isn't an iPhone. With all that being said, do you guys think Apple will eventually be overpowered by a new, similar, up-and-coming company? What would it take for Apple's downfall, and how would they be pushed out of the business? Or do you not think that would happen in the near future? I'm interested to see your opinions about what may happen to Apple in the future. The link attached contains the first quarter results for Apple.