Apple Card Investigated After Gender Discrimination Complaints

The introduction of the new Apple card has been news to the world and the technology community. This apple card, created by Apple but developed by Goldman Sachs, works with the Apple Pay feature. You access it through the Apple wallet, but users can also order a physical card to use when locations don't accept contactless payment. In this article, a couple took to twitter stating that apple card's discriminate against women. When they both applied for a credit line increase, Mrs. Hansson was denied and her husband was accepted even though they both filed joint tax returns, and she has a better credit score. A spokesman for Goldman Sachs, Andrew Williams, said, "Our credit decisions are based on a customer's creditworthiness and not on factors like gender, race, age, sexual orientation or any other basis prohibited by law." What do you think of these accusations? Do you think apple and Goldman Sachs are responsible, or was this just an error in the system?