Another Uber Incident

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Another incident with an Uber driver and passengers occurred on November 10th, 2017. Uber driver Christopher Raynon Johnson was arrested for pulling a gun on his passengers.

Johnson picked up a few individuals in Grand Rapids, Michigan and the passengers in the car did not like the route Johnson was taking them to get to their destination. Shortly after, the passengers started to complain to Johnson. Johnson could not handle the complaining any longer and ordered the passengers to get out of his car. Next thing you know, the situation escalated and Johnson pulled a gun on these innocent individuals. He was arrested shortly after.

This is not the first time there has been an issue with an Uber driver in the state of Michigan. I brought this topic up again to show the Caucus that this issue is a continuing one and there are many different stories pertaining to Uber safety. It is evident that there is a real issue with who these companies are letting drive their cars. I would like to hear what the Caucus thinks about this and if anyone has changed their opinion from our previous discussion.

Guiding Questions

What are the next steps that must be done for these rideshare companies?

How can these companies find a way to make sure that their drivers are mentally stable?

How many more incidents have to occur for the state to put a ban on a company like Uber?