Amazon Raises Minimum Wage in Michigan

Amazon has decided to increase its minimum wage to $15/hr for all of their jobs, including their warehouse and seasonal workers. Amazon has several distribution centers throughout Michigan, including Shelby Township and Rochester Hills. Minimum wage impacts students because students typically work minimum wage jobs while going to school. Michigan’s minimum wage is currently $9.25, so Amazon raising their minimum wage to $15/hr is a pretty large jump.


  • Good for students because companies may be pressured to compete with Amazon for similar wages. With such low unemployment right now, many companies are struggling to find workers to fill their open positions, so this may place even more pressure on these companies.

  • Additionally, Amazon is planning to hire 100,000 seasonal workers for the holidays. Even if other companies do not change their minimum wage, Michigan students can try to get a seasonal job with Amazon and make $15/hr


  • This change could also hurt small businesses in the area to find workers because they may not have the luxury of paying their workers of $15

What does the caucus think about this increase in minimum wage?