Amazon has been scouting...

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Amazon has been scouting for a new city to host its headquarters. New York had been a really strong candidate for the new headquarters, but recently it began to face some backlash. This new headquarters would bring 25,000 jobs to New York City. Elected officials were so eager for the plan to occur that they offered huge subsidies to Amazon. Many people are disappointed that the government would provide subsidies to “the world’s most valuable company.” Protesters have been putting pressure on their elected officials to protest the deal. This public ordeal has led to Amazon rethinking the location of its new headquarters. Other states such as Tennessee and Virginia have plans to welcome Amazon to their states. Amazon has expressed its plans to engage and support the neighborhoods in which its headquarters resides. It has plans to create jobs, assist in training the workforce, and fund computer science classes for NYC students. Do you think that Amazon’s prospective headquarters in NYC will disrupt the community? Will the benefits outweigh the drawbacks?