What makes a startup company successful?

With all the ups and down that come with being a successful entrepreneur, finding what works and what doesn’t is a key attribute to make a startup company successful. Take Mark Cuban for example. Before becoming an even moderately successful entrepreneur, Cuban graduate collage from which he found himself sleeping on the couch in a crowded apartment after getting fired from his job. With that said, there are vital characteristics that make a company unique and successful. To me, the most important trait that encourages success is being nice to people. Being successful entails being able to not only get along with people, but also to give something back that will be beneficial and simplify the lives of others. Moreover, when faced with challenges or complex situations, edging the rush of your anxious mindset can be used in order to foster a more competitive and unique product. Mimicking Cuban’s platform, “it’s not whether the glass is half empty or half full, its who’s pouring the water.” From this, one needs to consistently remind themselves that although there might be unpredictable events that affect the progression of the company, individual motivation is responsible for success and achievement.