Academic Innovation on College Campuses

Innovating class curriculums
33% (2 votes)
Personalizing student learning
50% (3 votes)
Advancing learning analytics
17% (1 vote)
Total votes: 6

Hi everyone,

The proposal that I'm currently working on is about recognizing different learning styles among students in schools and universities and funding appropriate initiatives and equipment to provide classroom equity and accessibility to all backgrounds. Yesterday, I spoke to the University of Michigan's Office of Academic Innovation as one of my consultations. The office explained to me how it hopes to bridge the ideas of academic excellence, inclusion, and innovation into university classrooms. In order to integrate these three focuses, some of the things that the office is doing to redefine what education entails are:

  • innovating class curriculums 
  • personalizing student learning
  • advancing learning analytics

Please respond to the poll by suggesting and explaining how a specific measure should be taken in the college classroom and how it will innovate education in a way that will recognize different student learning styles. A few options have already been provided, but you may also opt out of voting on a strategy by explaining your own personalized recommendation in the comments. 

This is open ended and you can share or explore any ideas or points you have regarding academic innovation.

Check out the Office of Academic Innovation at the University of Michigan for some ideas: