3rd Graders Falling Behind

James Landau's picture

I believe Bailey and Juliette's proposal provides a unique initative. The issue at hand is more than evident, as just over 44% of Michigan third graders currently do not meet the necessary reading proficiency standards. What is important about this statistic, is the fact that Bill 4822, passed in 2016 and going into effect in 2020, requires that students who are not at the profiiency level, be held back. There would be obvious financial implications to this bill, as more teachers would needed to be hired in order to teach this new class of students are more materials would be needed. 

Juliette and Bailey have clearly put in the necessary research in terms of funding for this proposal. Roughly $10,000 per school is feasible in terms of funding, and would be far less than the costs of the bill being implemented next year. Moreover, their consultation with Tawn Hinze of the Humane Society is clear evidence of the benefits of children feeling mroe confident and relaxed reading to dogs. Coupled with the fact she believes it would be good for the dogs to get attention and interact with children, this proposal is quite strong and is super creative.