$15 Minimum Wage in Michigan

"State Sen. Coleman Young II, who last week announced his candidacy to become the next mayor of Detroit, introduced a bill to increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour starting Jan. 1, 2018." 

In the past year there has been a national debate about raising the minimum wage to $15 and now it has been brought to Michigan. Currently Michigan's minimum wage is $8.90 and is raised every year including next year when it will become $9.25. The biggest issue is that people earning the minimum wage only receive about $300 every two weeks. They are barely getting by as most of their earnings are spent on rent and utilities. There have been peaceful protest that have begun to take place hoping for this increase in minimum wage as noted in the article. 

However, the Michigan Chamber of Commerce has publicly noted that they do no believe this is a good idea and think they should stick to the original plan of gradually increasing wages. Also, there is a large concern that corporations and other businesses will not be able to afford $15 wage and therefore lead to large layoffs and many people finding themselves out of work. 

So, the main question I want to ask the caucus is whether they believe a $15 minimum wage should be implemented?

Some follow up questions for discussion are:

What will be the implications if this bill of $15 wage is approved? 

Is there a way we can help people who are barely getting by without increasing the minimum wage?

How will businesses and corporations react if this bill is passed?

Do you believe $15 is the right number or would you argue a different minimum wage? 

Coleman Young II be elected the mayor because of this policy? Especially considering that many of the supporters of the $15 minimum wage live in Detroit. 

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