$1 Billion Medicare Fraud

Just recently the Feds took down doctors and medical equipment companies that were involved in a Medicare fraud. These companies schemed $1 billion out of patients by giving them back, neck, and knee braces that patients did not need. The companies and doctors targeted the elderly and disabled. Doctors were paid to prescribe them products that they did not necessarily need. Unfortunately, by prescribing the products, it made the patients ineligible of receiving further things that they might need. Furthermore, this scheme caused hundreds of thousands of Medicare beneficiaries to compromise their personal information. 

This is an extremely sad situation because the elderly and disabled were being taken advantage of by people that they trusted. I think this is a huge problem because of the way it disseminates distrust in the medical community. 

How do you feel about this? What kind of compensation should patients of this fraud receive? How can we build back trust in doctors and medical professionals?