Persona/POV due Saturday, and other important notes

Responding to media artifacts

Please look at other caucus members’ artifacts and offer feedback in the comments area below the various proposal pages -- the Topic Coordinators will be contributing comments as well.  

Persona and POV Statement

Media Artifact due tomorrow, and looking ahead

Media Artifacts

Don't forget that Media Artifacts are due tomorrow by the end of the evening. Please refer to the previous two announcements for details.

Looking ahead: Personas and POV Statements

The next step in your proposal design is the Persona and POV Statement, both due Sunday, February 22. See this document from the instructors explaining the Persona and POV, and the Topic Coordinators have created a slide deck with their own advice and examples. Please read both carefully and contact the TCs or instructors with any questions you have!

Media Artifact due Sunday; Rubric; New MSC Members

Media Artifact

Your media artifact is due this Sunday, February 16. Please refer to: 

Due dates, Media Artifact and other important information

**Be sure to read this entire announcement to the end -- important information and dates included**

PLEASE NOTE!  Adjusted due dates

The due dates for the Media artifact and proposal first and final draft have been extended. A summary of all due dates can be found here, and there is a link at the top of the Links section of the MSC homepage.


Syllabus Quiz due tonight; TC Office Hours;

Syllabus Quiz

If you haven’t yet taken the syllabus quiz in Canvas, please do so right away -- it is due tonight at 11:59pm. No extensions will be given.

TC Office Hours

Please be sure to respond by THURSDAY NOON to the poll at the link in the email that Brandon Persico sent today with the title “Office Hours Scheduling.” Also please look for an email from Cassandra (Cassie) Alexe about who, if anyone, you plan to pair with for media artifact and proposal work later on in the semester.

Moving from Provocations to Issue Areas

Five important things

(Please read to the end -- if you are reading this on the MSC site, be sure to click "Read more.")

First, a reminder: The deadline for the syllabus quiz is Tuesday, January 28--one week from today.


Welcome to the Michigan Student Caucus! If you are a U of M student taking EDUC 362, please be sure to read the syllabus very carefully, and start right away on the PROVOCATIONS discussions.

If you have questions, concerns, suggestions, or you simply want to chat about the MSC, please email the instructors at, or come to office hours (which will be posted in the "events" section of this site). 

And speaking of events, please watch the "events" section for Town Hall Meetings and other events that can count as Town Halls -- a couple will be posted very soon, with more scheduled as the semester goes on. Be sure to read the details in the event listing, and note especially that there are advance readings, and that you will need to come prepared with a written question. Also be sure to click "attend" in the event listing if you are planning to go.