Reminders: Topic area discussions, media artifact, service activity

MSC activity is in full swing this week, and here are a few reminders:

- At this point you should be contributing to actively to back-and-forth conversations around various issues in multiple topic areas, and at the same time you should choose one topic area of particular interest to be the location for your media artifact and ultimately your proposal. 

- Speaking of your media artifact, don't forget that it is due this coming Sunday, October 7. If you haven't yet decided on a focus issue for your media artifact, please do that very soon. If you would like to discuss any aspect of your media artifact plans, don't hesitate to reach out to an instructor or TC.

- UM students, you should also have started your service activity by now. An "assignment" has been created in your EDUC 362 Canvas site for you to submit a brief Service Check-in describing where and what you are doing for your activity -- you can submit that any time but no later than this Sunday, October 7.

Important info about media artifacts (and reminder about service activity)

Please read this entire announcement for important instruction about your Media Artifact, which should be completed and posted no later than Sunday, October 7. You should be continuing to add comments and start discussions in the various topic areas while you are working on your media artifact.

**First, though, a reminder for EDUC 362 students that you should have your service activity arranged and started no later than this weekend. A brief service "check in" will also be due October 7 -- more info on that in a future announcement.**

Media Artifacts

Your Media Artifact is due at the end of the night on Sunday, October 7. Please see the syllabus for a description, and this screencast for how to post it.

What is the purpose of a media artifact?

To provide background on an issue of broad importance to students in Michigan, presented in a engaging, compelling format.

Is my media artifact part of my proposal?

Thematic topic areas now open

In the past two weeks we've seen an impressive variety of question-sparking Provocations and some terrific discussion around them. You may continue to add to those discussions as you see fit, but starting today, we're asking all MSC members to turn attention to issue-based discussions in thematic topic areas. 

There are eight topic areas in all (Health of youth and children, Youth criminal justice, Income and wealth equity, Transportation, Education, Gender and social rights, Environmental quality, and Technology), and over the next two weeks we would like you to explore all of them, eventually settling on one area where you will post your media artifact (which for UM students is due October 7) and gradually craft your proposal. (See the syllabus for details about the media artifact, and stay tuned for more announcements about it soon.)

Please focus right now on the four thematic topic areas that currently appear the front page; later this week we'll bring up the remaining topic areas. 

Responding to Provocations

Thanks to everyone who has participated in the Provocations conversations -- there have been lots of terrific discussions! Please continue engaging in these discussions through this coming Sunday. 

As you do so, please be sure to go back to discussions where you have posted already and follow up -- make sure that you are having real back-and-forth conversations. You may need to flip back to provocations posted earlier -- don't just stick to the first group of provocations that is visible. All of that said, feel free to add additional provocations as well.

UM students, please be working on choosing and arranging your service activity. Refer to the syllabus for details about what service activity should entail, and you can find a list of approved service organizations here.

Starting Sunday, we will start to open topic areas for more focused discussion -- more about that in an upcoming announcement.

Finally, please note that the town hall with Sara Saylor has been rescheduled for October 11. Details are in the "Events" section.


NOTE:  the Town Hall Meeting with Sarah Saylor (originally scheduled for Thursday, September 18)  had been rescheduled to Thursday, Oct. 11, from 5:00 to  6:00 PM.

Please be remindened that all MSC members  are required to attend at least two Town Hall meetings this term.

Provocations; Town Halls this week

A few reminders and notes as we start off the week:

- Thanks to everyone who has posted intriguing provocations and participated in the wide-ranging discussions currently going on around them. Provocations discussions will continue through this week. By tonight all EDUC 362 students should have posted at least one provocation yourself. If you are in EDUC 362 and have not posted a provocation yet, please do so ASAP.

- We have our first town hall meeting this Thursday at 3pm with Sara Saylor from the Ginsberg Center, plus two other events that can count as town halls for EDUC 362 students. Details are in the "events" section of this site. Please attend if you possibly can, and be sure to click the "attend" button if you are planning to go.

Welcome to new Caucus members from Innovation Academy; Upcoming Town Hall meetings

A big welcome to the students from the Innovation Academy in Howell who joined the MSC today! We're looking forward to your insights and perspectives as we discuss "provocations" this week, and we're eager to hear your interests and ideas as we move forward after that into issue discussions and proposal-crafting. 

Everyone, and especially MSC members from UM, please note the upcoming town halls and "counts as a town hall" events which are listed in the Events area -- there is one tomorrow and several next week. Please be sure to go to the event listing and click "Attend" for each event you plan to go to. (Don't worry, you can always "un-attend" if necessary.) EDUC 362 students, keep in mind that attendance at at least two town halls is required -- a few more will be scheduled soon, but if you can attend one or more of the currently scheduled ones, please do.



Welcome to the Michigan Student Caucus! If you are a U of M student taking EDUC 362, please be sure to read the syllabus very carefully, and start right away on the PROVOCATIONS discussions.

If you have questions, concerns, suggestions, or you simply want to chat about the MSC, please email the instructors at, or come to office hours (which will be posted in the "events" section of this site). 

And speaking of events, please watch the "events" section for Town Hall Meetings -- a couple will be posted very soon, with more scheduled as the semester goes on. Be sure to read the details in the event listing, and note especially that there are advance readings, and that you will need to come prepared with a written question. Also be sure to click "attend" in the event listing if you are planning to go.