Service check-in and more

**Be sure to read this entire announcement to the end -- important dates included**

New Topic Coordinator

Please help us welcome UM senior James Landau to the Topic Coordinator team. Just as Devin has been doing, James will hold office hours and will be available in general to answer questions, give feedback on ideas, and generally help support your work throughout the semester.


EDUC 362 students: You should be starting service activity by next Tuesday (Oct. 1), if you haven’t already started. A brief “Service Check-in” is also due next Tuesday. Submit your check-in as a response to the assignment which is now available on your EDUC 362 Canvas site.

Media artifact

Provocations are done! Long live the topic areas!

The Provocations discussions, wonderful as they were, should be wrapped up by now. At this stage, please start posting in the topic areas that are now listed on the home page. In the topic area discussions, you should start to move from the broad "I wonder what's going on here" questions of the Provocations to more focused discussions around issues of importance to students of all ages across Michigan.

You are welcome to start your own discussion topics, and you are are welcome to take up and reframe an idea or question that was addressed in the Provocations, but more importantly, you should be engaging with others in the caucus. So be sure to read what others have posted and join existing threads, making sure you are not duplicating a topic that is already being discussed. Inside a discussion thread, be sure to read what others have posted before you, asking questions, offering additional perspectives, and looking for the problem behind the problem -- don't simply repeat or agree with what others have said. As you do so, you should still be refering to evidence from new articles, research studies, and other sources.

Issue Areas open Friday; Town Halls; Service Activity

Moving from Provocations to Issue Areas

Thanks to all who have contributed to the wealth of Provocations. At this point, if you have already posted one or more Provocations of your own, please spend time examining and discussing the Provocations that have been posted so far.

This Friday, Provocations discussions will wind down and discussion in issue areas will begin. The eight issue areas will allow for more focused, in-depth discussion of problems and challenges facing students of all ages across Michigan. Eventually you will choose one area where you will develop your media artifact and proposal, but you don’t need to choose yet -- please explore and participate in multiple areas and keep an open mind.

More welcomes; Provocations; Town Hall events

First of all, we'd like to extend a very warm welcome to MSC participants from Innovation Academy in Howell, the Eagle Scholars program in South Redford, and Summers-Knoll School in Ann Arbor. We're eager to hear your perspectives and ideas!

Second, thanks to all who have contributed to the Provocations discussions so far. This week, please begin to find and post your own provocations, and UM EDUC 362 students, be sure to post one of your own no later than this Thursday. See the Provocations group description for guidelines.

Third, we have listed several "Counts as a Town Hall" events. EDUC 362 students must attend at least 2 town halls (including "counts as" events) during the semester, and do not delay -- it's much more useful to go to these now as you are exploring issues, and while we plan to list more, there's no guarantee that there will be events available in the later part of the semester. Please read the event descriptions carefully for details and advance readings, and be sure to click the "attend" button if you plan to go.


Welcome to the Michigan Student Caucus! If you are a U of M student taking EDUC 362, please be sure to read the syllabus very carefully, and start right away on the PROVOCATIONS discussions.

If you have questions, concerns, suggestions, or you simply want to chat about the MSC, please email the instructors at, or come to office hours (which will be posted in the "events" section of this site). 

And speaking of events, please watch the "events" section for Town Hall Meetings and other events that can count as Town Halls -- a couple will be posted very soon, with more scheduled as the semester goes on. Be sure to read the details in the event listing, and note especially that there are advance readings, and that you will need to come prepared with a written question. Also be sure to click "attend" in the event listing if you are planning to go.