Next steps

Next steps

Although the first draft of your proposal was due today, you should be continuously working on your proposal. Don’t wait until the last moment to update your proposal document -- add and revise in the document as you go. Your draft must include at least 3 good consultations (see below), and your final draft is due March 27.


Your MSC work in the current situation

MSC community: With the rapidly changing university, state, and national responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, we understand that you may have to make big adjustments to your personal and study schedules. Please let us know in advance if you need extra time to meet upcoming deadlines (including Tuesday's proposal draft deadline) or if your situation is impacting your MSC work in other ways.
Also, we will not be posting set office hours, but we would be more than happy to set up a virtual office hour meeting with you -- please email us to set up a time.

In light of the current situtation...

At this time we are not planning to cancel the MSC hearing on April 22, but we will be devising a way for MSC members to participate virtually. For now, please continue online MSC activity as scheduled. If your service or other planned in-person activity has been interrupted by the current situation, please let us know. --Michael and Jeff

Proposal draft advice and more

Hearing Confirmed

As noted in the previous announcement, the MSC hearing will take place noon - 1:30pm on Wednesday, April 22 at the State Capitol Building in Lansing. We have confirmed that we will be in Room 405. You are responsible for your own transportation, but please let Michael and Jeff know if you have trouble making arrangements. When making your schedule for that day, please leave 90 minutes for travel each way (including parking and getting to the room).

Proposal first drafts -- tips and reminders

Hearing date confirmed; Formal proposal draft

Hearing date and time

We have confirmed with Rep. Sarah Anthony's office that the MSC hearing will take place on Wednesday, April 22, noon - 1:30pm, at the State Capitol in Lansing. We are still working on a room but we should have that confirmed soon as well. 

Formal proposal first draft due March 17

Your first draft of the formal proposal is due March 17. This work entails taking your potential solutions and choosing one or combining them to create a solution that will best address the needs of your persona, in a way that is creative, feasible, and effective. Then you will need to flesh out the details of how your proposal will actually work in practice, including (importantly) how it will be funded.

Three Potential Solutions due Friday

Three Potential Solutions

Now that you have a persona that you are designing your proposal for, and you are starting to see the world from that person’s point of view, the next step is to brainstorm potential solutions. No later than this Friday, you should very briefly describe at least 3 possible solutions in the “Potential Solutions” section of your proposal document.

In creating your three potential solutions, don’t worry (yet) about feasibility, or even whether each solution is “good.” The goal is to create options and choices. In the next step, you will select, combine, and revise the solutions into one “best” solution that will become the core of your proposal.

Here are some general categories of solutions, to get you started:

Persona/POV due tonight; 3 solutions due Friday

Persona/POV due TONIGHT

Your persona and POV statement are due by midnight tonight -- please see previous announcements for details.

Three Potential Solutions

Persona/POV due Saturday, and other important notes

Responding to media artifacts

Please look at other caucus members’ artifacts and offer feedback in the comments area below the various proposal pages -- the Topic Coordinators will be contributing comments as well.  

Persona and POV Statement

Media Artifact due tomorrow, and looking ahead

Media Artifacts

Don't forget that Media Artifacts are due tomorrow by the end of the evening. Please refer to the previous two announcements for details.

Looking ahead: Personas and POV Statements

The next step in your proposal design is the Persona and POV Statement, both due Sunday, February 22. See this document from the instructors explaining the Persona and POV, and the Topic Coordinators have created a slide deck with their own advice and examples. Please read both carefully and contact the TCs or instructors with any questions you have!

Media Artifact due Sunday; Rubric; New MSC Members

Media Artifact

Your media artifact is due this Sunday, February 16. Please refer to: