Formal proposals due March 17

Formal Proposals

The MSC schedule is moving along quickly. UM students, welcome back from break -- you should be posting regularly again starting today.


Your first draft of the formal proposal is due next Sunday, March 17. This work entails taking your potential solutions and choosing one or combining them to create a solution that will best address the needs of your persona, in a way that is creative, feasible, and effective. Then you will need to flesh out the details of how your proposal will actually work in practice, including (this is important) how it will be funded.

Three solutions, consultations, UM break, and more

Three potential solutions due Friday

After you have framed your problem from the point of view of your persona (due tonight), your key task for this week is to create at least three different, contrasting solutions that could address the problem for that person in some way. At this point, the goal is to generate as many different kinds of potential solutions as possible -- withhold judgment about your own ideas, and don’t worry about feasibility yet. Dream big!

What you should be doing now: Guidelines for continued commenting

As you work on your persona and POV statements, you should be continuing to comment on each other’s proposal documents as well as in free-standing discussions in the topic areas. Your comments should generally fall into one of the following categories:

  1. Commenting on other people’s proposals (right now just the media artifact, but soon to include a Persona and POV), and continuing the conversation when they respond back.

  2. Engaging with those who have commented on your proposal in a back-and-forth conversation.

  3. Starting and sustaining discussions that are relevant to your area of focus (though you don't have to stick exclusively to the topic area where you have started your proposal).

Proposal check-in, final town halls, M-DICE

Proposal check-in

Please be sure to sign up ASAP for a proposal check-in -- there are slots available between now and March 13. During this period we will not schedule faculty office hours, but if you would like to come in for a regular meeting (i.e., not talking specifically about your proposal), feel free to take one of the slots for that purpose as well (just make a note to that effect next to your name).

Media artifacts, proposal formatting, persona & POV statement

Proposal formatting

Media Artifacts (due today for EDUC 362 students) are the first part of MSC proposal documents, and we have a few instructions and requests, with the aim of making the proposals easier to access and read.

  1. Please do not put your name(s) into the title of the proposal -- the title should describe the topic only. (Don't worry, you can edit the title at any time.) If you are co-authoring your proposal, editing the document once will add your name as a contributor on the page, and we will know that the proposal is yours.

  2. The link to your media artifact should be a descriptive title with an active link, not a URL in the text.

  3. In general, your proposal should be a working document. It should grow and evolve over the course of the semester -- please be bold about posting early drafts of sections, and making changes as you go along.

Media artifact, proposal check, TC advice, and more

Media artifact reminder

Your media artifact is due this Friday. Keep in mind that the point of the media artifact is to inform your MSC peers about some issue: something that’s surprising, thought-provoking, or question-raising. This is a chance for you to synthesize different perspectives and angles on a particular issue, or highlight controversies. You don’t have to solve the problem yet, just start to describe it.

Proposal Check (EDUC 362 students only)

Service Check-in, Media Artifact

EDUC 362 students: Service Check-in due today

A reminder for all EDUC 362 students that your service check in is due by midnight tonight. The service check-in is simply a couple paragraphs describing your service activity, the organization you are working with, and potential connections with your other MSC work. It can be submitted via the EDUC 362 Canvas site for your section.

Media artifact

Media artifacts are due this Friday, February 15. The previous MSC announcement has all sorts of tips and information, but please don’t hesitate to reach out to the TCs or the instructors if you have questions or just want to float some ideas.

Media Artifact and more

Please read this entire announcement for important instructions below about your Media Artifact, which should be completed and posted no later than February 15. You should be continuing to add to discussions in the various topic areas while you are working on your media artifact.

Advice from the TCs

First, though, some advice about posting discussion topics, from your TC gang:

  • Come up with a catchy and exciting title.

  • Include questions for people to think about.

  • Provide a brief summary of the article and your own brief commentary.

Town Halls this week, service activity, and more

Upcoming town halls

With the Polar Vortex gone (for now!), this week is full of town hall and “counts as town hall” events, including two that were rescheduled from last week.

MSC-sponsored Town Halls include:

Tuesday, 3pm: Sammi Haber from Nutrition Works NY

Interested in issues relating to food insecurity or childhood obesity? Explore topics like these and more with Samantha Haber, registered dietician, Michigan Alum, and entrepreneur. Whether you're looking for a proposal topic or have an interest in nutrition, this town hall will be filled with meaningful lessons and important takeaways!

Tuesday, 5:30pm: Frankie Moore from Community Action Network

Learn about CAN's work supporting children, youth, and families in underserved neighborhoods.

Wednesday, 5:30pm: Danyelle Reynolds from UM’s Ginsberg Center for Service Learning

Warm and cozy MSC updates and notes

It is cold outside, but the inside the MSC website it is warm and comfortable--the perfect opportunity to be more active online! Please continue to actively post.

Please follow the MSC on Instagram!

We’ve said it before but it’s worth repeating, the @michiganstudentcaucus instagram account is full of great tips, advice, and MSC contributions worthy of your attention. Friendly hint: not only will the instagram posts help you be more effective in the MSC, your instructors will take notice and smile upon those who follow. Need we say more?

Provocations are done! Long live the topic areas!

The Provocations discussions, wonderful as they were, should be wrapped up by now. At this stage, please start posting in the topic areas. You are welcome to take up an idea or question that was addressed in the Provocations discussions and restart and reframe it in one of the topic areas.

Refer to outside research