Schedule, Office Hours, Commenting, Consultations, and More

Note: The link for the consultation guide in this announcement was incorrect when originally posted; it is correct now, below.

Schedule for the rest of the term

Please note these important dates:

Town Halls and Proposal Check-In opportunities!!

Two quick things…

1) Rebecca DeVooght’s Town hall last week was the final scheduled town hall meeting for the term. We assume that you have all attended at least the required two town halls. If by chance you have not, there is a presentation tomorrow in the Rackham series about Detroit that counts as a Town Hall. You will of course need to write a reflection on the session for your portfolio, just as you would with any town hall

Tuesday, November 14 - Urban Futures: Michigan Cities Bicentennial Symposium


Suzanne Schulz, Director of Planning, City of Grand Rapids

Arthur Jemison, Director of Housing and Revitalization, City of Detroit


Margaret Dewar, Professor Emerita of Urban and Regional Planning, Taubman College, University of Michigan
Lou Glazer, President, Michigan Future Inc
Danielle Lewinski, Vice President and Director of Michigan Initiatives for the Center for Community Progress

Date: Tuesday November 14th, from 3:00 to 5:00 pm

Final Town Hall - Rebecca DeVooght Tonight at 6pm Room 1322

Bring your proposal ideas with you tonight. You will have the opportunity to worksop your ideas with Ms. DeVooght. 

Final Town Hall - Rebecca DeVooght Thursday Nov. 9th 6pm Room 1322

Rebecca DeVooght will discusss the process of writing good legislation as well as the process by which it can be passed in the state legislature. She will also share a number of resources that will help make your proposal legislation quality. The room is 1322 SOE The Tribute room.

Next steps in crafting your proposal

Now that your prospectus is complete, we have a few quick announcements as you move forward.

The Prospectus

Know that your prospectus will be discussed during your proposal check-in meeting (if you and your co-author haven’t come in yet, please sign up HERE to come in to speak with one of the faculty by November 17th), and that the faculty or TCs will let you know if there are any concerns about your prospectus.

“Three Potential Solutions”: Due Date Extended to Nov. 10

Hearing date set for Wednesday, December 13, 9am-12 noon

The date for the MSC culmating hearing at the Capitol Building in Lansing has been set for Wednesday, December 13, from 9am to noon. Attendance is required for all UM EDUC 362 students and encouraged for all other MSC members. Detailed information and instructions will be posted as the date approaches, but please save the date and time, including travel time to and from Lansing.

Prospectus, **Proposal Check Meeting Sign Up**, and More

Feedback on Media Artifacts

If the faculty or topic coordinators have concerns about your media artifact or the direction of your work, we will post comments within the next week. Otherwise, please move ahead with the next step in the process, the prospectus, which is described below.

Meanwhile, please look at several media artifacts posted by others, and comment constructively on them (use the comments area at the bottom of the proposal page). If you wish, you may make revisions of your media artifact based on that feedback.

The Prospectus

By October 30th, you (and your proposal co-author, if you have one) need to post on the MSC site your written prospectus, in which you describe in detail the specific issue or problem you’ve identified. You post this in the proposal "shell" you created, just as you did with the media artifact.

Your Media Artifact is due by October 15th--here's a quick FAQ

What is the purpose of a media artifact?

To provide enough background on a broader issue of importance to young people in Michigan that someone can grasp it quickly and understand its significance, and to do so in an accessible, compelling way.

Is my media artifact about my proposal?

No. It’s meant to lay the groundwork for your proposal, which you’ll develop over the coming weeks, by providing an understanding of the larger theme/issue area in which your proposal idea best fits. To put it another way, the media artifact should define the problem…you’ll work on the solution later.

What form should it take?

You can make a video, create a podcast or a radio news report, or write a journalistic article that could be published in a magazine or a news website.

How do I post my artifact?

Watch the post your media artifact screencast.

Can I see some examples?

Town Hall Meetings this week--sign up!

MSC students, we have already had four of our scheduled seven Town Hall meetings, so if you’ve not yet attended one or both of the Town Hall meetings you’re required to attend, this week presents a crucial opportunity.

First, on Wednesday (10-11) at 4 in 1322 School of Educ., Ruth Beier, an economist with the Michigan Education Association (the state’s largest teacher’s union), will provide information and insight into the current state of education funding in the state of Michigan. It’s a great follow-up to our DOCS discussion, and all are encouraged to attend.
Find the readings and register for Ruth’s Town Hall here.

Then, on Thursday (10-12) at 3:30 in 2327 School of Educ., Sara Saylor of the Ginsburg Center will talk about how we go from assessing local community needs to making laws in Lansing…it’s the perfect topic as you begin work on your proposal.