Kudos on the hearing today, and portfolio submission reminder for UM students

Kudos to everyone on the hearing today -- you should be proud of yourselves individually and as a caucus. The fact the panelists asked tough questions and made comments from a range of different perspectives is evidence that you tackled important issues without easy solutions, and that the members of the panel were truly taking you seriously. 

If a particular panelist asked a question or made a comment that helped you or made you think, we strongly encourage you to email them and let them know. And if you have a question for any of them or wish to follow up for any reason, please do so as well. The panelists were (in seating order from left to right):

Important reminders for EDUC 362 students

EDUC 362 students, please take note:

COURSE EVALUATIONS: Be sure to fill out a course evaluation. The deadline is 11:59pm this Wednesday, so if you want to wait until after the hearing, that’s fine, but please don’t forget.

Details of the MSC Hearing in Lansing (8:30 - 10:30am, April 24)

Please read carefully the following details about next week’s hearing. As previously noted, you as a group will be presenting the MSC Winter 2018 Platform before the Michigan Special Commission on Civic Engagement next week Wednesday, April 24th, 8:30-10:30am in room Room 5500 of the Binsfeld Senate Office Building, 201 Townsend St., Lansing. Please plan to arrive by 8:15am. Lansing is about an hour and a half from Ann Arbor by car (taking into account parking and getting to the room, as well as rush hour traffic), and if you are a UM student you will need to arrange your own transportation there and back.

This is the culminating event for the MSC semester, and it represents the opportunity for your ideas to have a direct impact on policy-makers. Attendance is MANDATORY for all Caucus members taking MSC as a university course, whether or not you are a topic coordinator, and whether or not you have authored a proposal in the platform.

The hearing will take place roughly as follows:

Hearing room change

Due to ongoing construction in the Capitol Building, the April 24th MSC hearing will be held in the Binsfeld Senate Office Building, 201 Townsend St. (directly south of the Capitol Building). We will also plan to conclude by 10:30 because another group needs use the room at 11:00.

We will send a detailed overview of the hearing itself in a forthcoming announcement.


We have a platform!  

Based on the cumulative ratings by MSC members and the recommendations of the TCs and faculty, the following proposals have been entered into the Winter 2019 MSC Platform:

Notes and Reminders

  1. Right now you should be focusing on rating proposals and posting in the Platform Discussion group. Please see the previous announcement for all sorts of details about proposal rating and discussion

  2. Everyone should rate all complete proposals on their RELATIVE STRENGTH from 1 to 10 (be sure to watch the screencast, and remember that the slider can be touchy).

Proposal Rating begins Monday

Today (Sunday, March 31) is the last day to edit your proposal before the rating period begins.

Proposal final draft deadline and advice


The final draft of your proposal is due Sunday, March 31, at 11:59 PM.* The formal proposal language and all parts of the proposal document must be complete by that time.

You should have a full draft of your proposal done NOW and you should be working on refining it so that it is complete and finished by March 31. Once we get into the rating and platform discussion period, you will not be allowed to edit your proposal, so make sure you work on it now.

Proposal Final Draft Deadline Extended

Proposal final draft deadline extended

The deadline for the proposal final drafts has been extended to 11:59 pm on Sunday, March 31. The rating and platform discussion period will then occur from April 1st through 8th, with the rest of the schedule remaining as planned.

Please use the extra proposal editing time to:

  • Get more consultations, especially -- and importantly -- talking directly with people on the phone or in person. The most successful proposals in the past have been informed by direct conversations with people who have special knowledge of the issue.

Hearing date confirmed; Formal proposal work

Hearing date and time confirmed!

The Spring, 2019 MSC hearing will take place 8:30-11:00 am on Wednesday, April 24 in Room 426 of the the State Capitol Building in Lansing. Details will be provided as the date gets closer, but please mark your calendars.

Work on formal proposals continues

Your work right now should be focused on:

  • Developing your formal proposal first draft (due no later than midnight, Sunday, 3/17)

  • Having online conversations that help you think through the logistics and details of how the proposal would work