Kudos on the hearing today, and portfolio submission reminder for EDUC 362 students

Kudos to everyone on the hearing today -- you should be proud of yourselves as a caucus, as advocates for students in Michigan, and as individuals. Despite the unprecedented challenges of this semester, the platform was powerful, well-articulated, well-prepared, and beautifully presented. That's a testament not just to the presenters and TCs but to every person in the caucus -- your work as a group made the platform what it is.

A recording of the hearing is available here.

Important notes about tomorrow's MSC hearing

Thanks to everyone for getting your videos in on time -- they look and sound great. We’ve made a Google Doc with links to the videos and (for proposals officially in the platform) the full formal proposal text; that doc has been sent to the panelists.

Here’s how the hearing will go tomorrow:

  1. Gavel in by Rep. Sarah Anthony (District 68)

Reminder: Finished videos and final proposal edits due TONIGHT

A reminder that finished videos are due at 11:59pm TONIGHT, uploaded to this folder.

Also, if you have any revisions to make to the text of your FORMAL PROPOSAL, be sure to do that today as well. Tomorrow we will send the panel a document with links to videos and the text of formal sections of proposals in the platform, plus a separate section with links to videos of proposals not entered into the platform.

Please reach out to the instructors or TCs if you have any last minute questions!

Feedback on video scripts

The TCs and instructors have reviewed your video scripts and each script now has feedback from at least two people. Your next steps are to revise your scripts and create your videos, which should be uploaded by this coming Monday at 11:59pm to this shared folder. Please save and upload your video as a Quicktime (.mov), MP4 (.mp4/.m4a), or AVI file.

Keep in mind that the videos must be kept to three minutes or less. This is a strict requirement, in order to keep your presentations concise and to the point, and to respect everyone's time during the hearing.

If you would like feedback at any point before then on your slides/visuals, or if you need technical help creating the videos, please don't hesitate to reach out to the TCs and/or instructors.

Reminder: Video script drafts due TOMORROW

Reminder: Draft scripts of your proposal presentation video are due TOMORROW (Wednesday) at 11:59pm, uploaded to this Google folder. Instructors and TCs will comment on your draft by the end of the day Thursday.

MSC Platform, and important instructions for EVERYONE this week

Based on the cumulative ratings by MSC members and the recommendations of the TCs and faculty, the following proposals have been entered into the Winter 2020 MSC Platform:

Unified Charter School Application Website (Drew Arson) 

Childhood Literacy in Michigan (Grace Wroldsen)

Platform Discussion

As of today, the rating and platform discussion period has begung, and all editing of proposals must stop so that everyone is rating and discussing the same proposals. You will be allowed to edit your proposals again after the rating period is over, so please continue to do consultations and research as needed, and if you have ideas for changes or additions, hold onto them to add them to your proposal after the rating period ends.

Last chance to edit your proposal; Proposal rating begins Tuesday

Today and tomorrow are the last days to edit your proposal before the rating period begins.

Proposal rating and discussion begins Tuesday, April 7 and will continue through Saturday, April 11. During the proposal rating period, all editing of proposals must stop so that everyone is rating and discussing the same proposals. You will be allowed to edit your proposals again after the rating period is over, so if you have ideas for changes or additions, please hold onto them and make the changes after April 11.

Final proposal draft due Apr 6; other reminders

Your final proposal draft is due at 11:59pm, next Monday, April 6.

After that time, no more edits will be allowed until after the platform has been finalized.

Reach out to the Topic Coordinators

You should at this stage have completed all sections of your proposal and continue to work on revisions. We strongly encourage you to reach out to the Topic Coordinators (and instructors) for help with your proposals. You may also be hearing from Sophia Barnes and Kelly Christopherson, who have been enlisted to provide research assistance and outside perspectives. Please listen to them well!

Revised deadlines, new open discussion, research assistance, and more

New Open Discussion Group

We know the last couple of weeks have meant a number of stressful transitions--in the literal and figurative sense of the term--and we hope you are all settled and keeping yourselves well and safe.

In addition to the existing eight topic areas, we have created a new “Open Discussion” group as a place to talk about anything and everything, including how you're coping with the changes to your lives due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Revised deadlines