Details of the MSC Hearing in Lansing (11:00am-12:30pm Thursday)

Please read carefully the following details about Thursday’s hearing. As previously noted, you as a group will be presenting the MSC Fall 2019 Platform before the Michigan Special Commission on Civic Engagement this Thursday, December 12th, 11:00am-12:30pm in room Room 403 of the Capitol Building, Lansing. Please plan to arrive by 8:15am. Lansing is about an hour and a half from Ann Arbor by car (taking into account parking and getting to the room, as well as rush hour traffic), and if you are a UM student you will need to arrange your own transportation there and back.

This is the culminating event for the MSC semester, and it represents the opportunity for your ideas to have a direct impact on policy-makers. Attendance is MANDATORY for all Caucus members taking MSC as a university course, whether or not you are a topic coordinator, and whether or not you have authored a proposal in the platform.

The hearing will take place roughly as follows:

Reminder: slides due tomorrow

Don't forget that presentation slides (for those with a proposal in the platform) and "Instagram" slides (for all others) are due no later than tomorrow (Monday) night. Please see the previous announcement for details.

Fall 2019 MSC Platform

We have a platform!  

Based on the cumulative ratings by MSC members as of 11:59 pm last night, and the recommendations of the TCs and faculty, the following proposals have been entered into the Winter 2019 MSC Platform:

Ratings and platform discussion end TODAY

Reminder: Today is the LAST DAY for rating proposals and platform discussion. Please be sure that by the end of the day (11:59pm) you have thoughtfully rated as many proposals as possible (and make sure that the rating slider "sticks" in the proper place on each proposal you have rated). After today, online activity on the MSC site should stop except for final tweaks to your own proposal.

Tomorrow the faculty and topic coordinators will meet to finalize the platform. The platform will be announced here, and the TCs will reach out to the authors of proposals in the platform to help them prepare their presentations for the Dec. 12 hearing. Those who do not have a proposal in the platform will contribute to the hearing through an Instagram-style slide -- details to follow.

MSC this week

UM students, please remember that while you do not have to post over Thanksgiving weekend (Thursday - Sunday), you are still required to post on at least two days this week

Please focus on the platform discussion and on rating as many proposals as you can. See the previous two announcements if you need to remind yourself about the details. The last day for platform discussion (and also the last day for online posting, with the exception of final tweaks to your proposal) is next Monday, December 2.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving, everyone!


Some reminders:

  • Right now you should be focusing on rating proposals and posting in the Platform Discussion group. These discussions should be, well, discussions -- please respond to each other and create back-and-forth conversations. See the previous announcement for all sorts of details about proposal rating and discussion.

Last chance to edit your proposal; Proposal rating begins tomorrow

Today (Sunday, November 17) is the last day to edit your proposal before the rating period begins.

Proposal rating and discussion begins tomorrow, Monday, November 18 and will continue until 11:59 on Monday, December 2. During the proposal rating period, all editing of proposals must stop so that everyone is rating and discussing the same proposals. You will be allowed to edit your proposals again after the rating period is over, so if you have ideas for changes or additions, please hold onto them and make the changes after December 2.

Proposal final draft due Sunday

The final draft of your proposal is due Sunday, Nov 17, at 11:59 PM. The formal proposal language and all parts of the proposal document must be complete by that time.

You should have a full draft of your proposal done NOW and you should be working on refining it so that it is complete and finished by Nov 17. Once we get into the rating and platform discussion period, you will not be allowed to edit your proposal, so make sure you work on it now.

The formal proposal should be SPECIFIC about what you are asking the state TO DO (make or change a law, create a regulation, start a program, implement a policy, etc.), not just “people should do such and such.”

Formal proposal first draft due Sunday

Responding to comments on your proposals

Please note if your fellow caucus members have commented on your discussions (and more importantly at this stage) proposals and, if they have, write back!  (A number of you have not…) 

Formal proposal first draft due Sunday

Next steps, Consultations, and Important Tips for Solutions

Next steps

A first draft of your proposal is due Nov 10, but you should be continuously working on your proposal now. Don’t wait until the last moment to update your proposal document -- add and revise in the document as you go. Your draft must include at least 3 good consultations.