DOCS Discussion Week 2 Begins

The new DOCS discussions are posted in all four sections, so please jump into the conversations. Remember that this is the week when you'll be thinking about problems and solutions. You'll be looking at how the legislature ultimately framed the school finance problem, but you'll also be discussing different ways of defining the problem which, in turn, could have led to very different kinds of solutions, different from what the legislature ultimately enacted into law.

Indeed, we're asking all of you to also consider whether in fact, based on the evidence you've read and your "take" on it, there was a problem that ultimately needed to be addressed legislatively. As we said at the orientation, the BIG issue of defining problems and thinking about possible solutions is at the crux of the work that you'll be doing this year, so we're looking forward to your ideas and impressions.

Just as a reminder:

Town Hall on Thursday...and other MSC news!

Just a note that office hours for EDUC 362 students will be held 3-4 pm tomorrow, Wednesday, January 17th, in 4007 School of Education. These (and all future office hours) are posted in the EVENTS section of the MSC site. If you plan to attend (even if you decide at the last minute) please click the "attend" button on the event listing so we know to expect you.

While you're there, be sure to sign up for one or more of the upcoming Town Hall meetings, if your schedule permits. More will be listed as they are arranged, but it's good to attend as many as you can, especially early in the semester. All EDUC 362 students are required to attend a minimum of two Town Halls.

Welcome! Office Hours, Town Halls, and Other Important Things

Welcome to the Michigan Student Caucus! If you are a U of M student taking EDUC 362, please be sure to read the syllabus very carefully, and start right away on the DOCS discussion in the section for which you are registered. (Note that the DOCS discussions are the only time that your course section will matter -- otherwise, it's one big group.)

If you have questions, concerns, suggestions, or you simply want to chat about the MSC, please email the instructors at, or come to office hours (which will be posted in the "events" section of this site). 

And speaking of events, please watch the "events" section for Town Hall Meetings -- a couple will be posted very soon, with more scheduled as the semester goes on. Be sure to read the details in the event listing, and note especially that there are advance readings, and that you will need to come prepared with a written question.