The hearing and your portfolio

Kudos to Wednesday’s presenters, the TCs, and the entire MSC membership for an excellent hearing. That the panel had so many tough questions and pointed critiques is a testament to the fact that you tackled complex, important issues and brought specific, detailed ideas to the table.

Special thanks to the panel, which included:

Details of the MSC Hearing in Lansing (9 am, April 19th)

Please read carefully the following details about next week’s hearing. As previously noted, you as a group will be presenting the MSC Winter 2017 Platform before the Michigan Special Commission on Civic Engagement next Wednesday, April 19th, 9:00am-noon in room 426 of the Capitol Building (100 N. Capitol Avenue) in Lansing. Please plan to arrive by 8:45am. Lansing is about an hour and a half from Ann Arbor by car (taking into account parking and getting to the room, as well as rush hour traffic), and you will need to arrange your own transportation there and back.


This is the culminating event for the MSC semester, and it represents the opportunity for your ideas to have a direct impact on policy-makers. Attendance is MANDATORY for all Caucus members taking MSC as a university course, whether or not you are a topic coordinator, and whether or not you have authored a proposal in the platform.


The hearing will take place roughly as follows:

Online Discussion ends and the MSC Platform is announced

Online Discussion Ends

As of April 11th, required discussion posting on the site has ended.  At this stage, your attention should be focused on putting final touches on your proposal, based on feedback that you received this week, and your own sense of areas that need further development. In addition, please begin work on your final portfolio (portfolio template is here). Instructions for submitting your portfolio will be posted next week.

Our Platform

Based on the aggregate ratings and TC recommendations, the Winter 2017 MSC Platform is as follows:

Amy Ruben and Brianna Diener on Child Hunger

Cap on College Tuition Rates (Emily Slavkin and Zachary Manheimer)

Proposal Rating--Friday (4-7) through Tuesday (4-11) at noon

Proposal rating and discussion begins TOMORROW (April 7) and will continue until NOON on Tuesday, April 11th. From tomorrow until that deadline, all editing of proposals must stop so that everyone is rating and discussing the same proposals.

The platform will consist of as many as ten proposals, including the five highest-rated proposals (assuming each has a minimum of 15 ratings and meets basic criteria of completeness, quality and appropriateness), plus as many as five other high-quality proposals to be chosen by the topic coordinators. The goal is to include the best proposals across all issue areas; there may be more than one proposal from a given issue area, while other areas may not be represented in the platform.

Finishing Your Proposals

As we near the Thursday, April 6th deadline for you to complete your proposals, and as you hone your arguments, do your final research, and finish the actual write-up of your proposal, we want to briefly discuss  consultations and the structure of your proposal:


As you know, we expect you to take consultations with at least three people outside of the MSC who have specialized knowledge or insight about your issue (including but not limited to professionals, professors, government officials, representatives of advocacy groups, and community leaders) and to engage them in substantive discussion regarding your proposal’s scope, practicality, and likely impact on the lives of people (especially young people) in Michigan. Please note that consultations must be conversations with real, live people, not something you read on the web.

In selecting your consultants, please consider the following:

Proposal Check Meeting with Faculty (MANDATORY!)

Please note that there is one week left to schedule a Preposal-Check meeting with one of the instructors (hours for the coming week will be posted by 3-19, Sunday evening): the deadline is Friday, March 31.  Please note that this meeting is mandatory.   You can find the sign up sheet at:

If you have not already completed this requirement or scheduled a meeting time with one of the instructors, we strongly advise you to do so as early in the week (beginning this Monday, March 20) as possible.  We cannot guaranteed that our schedules will be able to accommodate "last-minute" requests to meet this requirement.   

Special Announcement: Supplemental Town Hall Meeting

We have two quick messages regarding Town Hall meetings...

Town Hall Today: 

If you're attending Rebecca DeVooght's Town Hall today at 6:30 in 1322 School of ED, please be sure to fill out THIS FORM in advance

Special Town Hall Mtg. on Tuesday, March 21st at 4:30 (1322 School of ED):

The Topic Coordinators are offering you a special opportunity to get help on two of the tougher parts of crafting your proposal: finding good consultants and estimating the cost of your proposal. They have scheduled a supplemental town hall meeting on these topics for Tuesday (3/21) at 4:30 in 1322 School of ED). Do yourself a favor and come out...sign up HERE. (...and yes, it does count towards meeting the town hall requirement!)


Last Town Hall Tomorrow! Thursday 6:30-7:30pm Rm 1322 SOE

Tomorrow Ms. Rebecca DeVooght, Director of Government Relations for the University of Michigan will share an insider’s perspective with us on the process through which ideas for legislation become actual bills, and potentially laws. Ms. DeVooght is an excellent speaker, and her Town Hall will be highly relevant to your work in this class

Ms. DeVooght would like to spend some time "workshopping" your proposals during the Town Hall. Please fill out this form before attending:


LAST TWO Town Hall Meetings! Tuesday March 14 and Thursday March 16

Please note that the LAST TWO Town Hall Meetings will take place next week on Tuesday, March 14 and Thursday March 16.  They are:


Tuesday, March 14 at 5:30 PM in the Tribute Room, 1322 School of Education BuildingBrian Steglitz, Manager, City of Ann Arbor Water Treatment Services, will share his considerable experience and knowledge on the history and futture prospect for the state infrastructure in a brief talk titled "21st Century Michigan Infrastructrue: How Do We Get There?"


Thursday Mar 16 2017, 6:30pm - 7:30pm EDT

Three Potential Solutions, Final Town Halls, and Proposal Check Meetings

Welcome back, everyone…here’s hoping that you had a restful break.

Here’s also hoping that you’re ready to hit the ground running, as your final proposal is due exactly one month from today, and there’s plenty of work to be done.

There are four items in today’s announcement, starting with more detail about the “Three Possible Solutions” portion of your proposal, which is due by this Friday, March 10th

“Three Potential Solutions” due this Friday, March 10th